Temporary Housing For Disaster Relief

Update: 9-9-2020 We are in an exploratory phase with disaster relief. While we are taking requests, we are not making commitments until all legalities and contracts have been finalized. Please use the contact info for Mike Priley at the bottom of this page to make your request and be placed on our list. Once we are ready, we will contact customers in the order in which we received requests.

After a total loss caused by a natural disaster, homeowners may find themselves with very few options for living arrangements. If your homeowners insurance policy covers Temporary Housing through additional living expenses, we can help.

We will deliver a destination trailer to your property. A destination trailer is sort of a cross between a camper and a park model mobile home. See images below.

Our trailers come furnished with most basic necessities to get you started again after a disaster. We provide linens, towels, wash cloths, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, toilet paper, soap, and cooking utensils.

Living in a hotel can eat up your addition living expenses very quickly. By living on site you can save sometimes up to half of the cost of hotel stay and have the benefits of living on site which include but are not limited to: mail delivery remains constant, continue to care for your pets and livestock, school bus routes, added security to your residence, contractor supervision, etc.

We encourage you to carefully examine all of the options available to you for temporary living. Often times insurance companies have policies which prohibit the outright purchase of a camper through additional living expenses. This is where our service comes in. We provide this service to homeowners who want to live on site during the rebuilding process. We do not sell campers or mobile homes.

Please contact your insurance agent or adjuster to see if you qualify for terms and pricing listed below.

Our pricing:

$200 per night

$36,000 for 6 months rent in advance

$6,000 security deposit

Louisiana: $7,500 delivery and setup
California: $10,500 delivery and setup

This makes a grand total of $49,500 due before departure to your location.

We will require a triple net lease to be signed. This lease absolves us of any responsibilities regarding taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Homeowners will be responsible for sewage disposal, electrical hookup and all other maintenance.

If you are in need of our service, please contact your adjuster or agent to confirm that your insurance policy will cover these costs.

Please take into consideration the amount of additional living expenses you have in your policy and the time it will take to rebuild your home. We do not want you to face the unfortunate circumstance of running out of additional living expenses before your home is rebuilt.

Note: We are not responsible for regular maintenance on campers.

To be placed on our waiting list or if you have any questions please contact: Mike Priley 517 301 1372 or email mike.priley1@gmail.com

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