Park Models

We offer park model mobile homes. This may be an option which you would prefer over a full size mobile home, or it may be an option if your property does not qualify for a full size mobile home. Park model mobile homes have the same amenities as our full size trailers. With furniture, kitchen appliances, sinks, showers, toilets and washer/dryer you will feel comfortable living in a park model temporary mobile home. Although it is a mobile home the appearance of a park model home closely resembles that of a real home giving you a more attractive look and feel to your property during the rebuilding process. Being smaller than a full size mobile home, we are able to move them with less restrictions and set these trailers on smaller lots as well as in more challenging landscapes where full size temporary homes may not fit. Another added benefit to park models is the fact that they are titled in the same way as a RV or travel trailer allowing for less county or township restrictions, which can speed up the process and get you living comfortably on your property faster.

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