“We had a house fire in March 2012 and we were staying in a hotel for 2 months. A friend told me about Washovia so I contacted them. They were etremely helpful in getting me through the process and i was living on my property again in one of their trailers within a couple weeks. We are so thankful for them!”

Mary B, Indiana

“Thank you very much! What a great service to offer. A big relief from the stress!”

Ronald F, Michigan

We have 5 children. Imagine staying in a hotel with 5 children! Thankfully washovia had a mobile home with bunk beds large enough to accommodate our entire family comfortably!”

-Jennie, OH

Very grateful, thanks! Courteous staff”

-S.M., OH

My wife and I lost our home of 30 years to a house fire in 2018.  Randy and all his crew ( the ladys and the guys) from Washovia solved our housing dilemma.  They handled everything (the electric, the water, AC and sanitation) that made the township happy.  Communication was excellent, even when we lost power several times and couple of things had to be reset, they were there the same day and/or the next morning resolving the issue even in the freezing cold weather. They are a great company and go the extra mile that other companies wouldn’t do.  Call them and /or visit there website! 

Ed, MI

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